Newcastle Good Time Dub

Port Royal, creating the unmistakable sound that is dub reggae. Justin Moon creates the beats and samples, also using an MPC. Flav plays bass, The Brrd on keyboard and vocals, Jodie Kell on trumpet and keyboard, Ingrid Moon on sax and Byron Williams on guitar.
Justin Moon and Playford are the founding members of the band and the producers.
One of the distinct influences shaping Port Royal's sound is their vocalist Issa Mané from Senegal (also a member of The Fighting Fish). He brings different melodic ideas to the mix and sings in Wolof as well as English and French. Playford fills out the bottom end perfectly with a big warm bass sound that is essential for dub reggae. Kell and Ingrid Moon call themselves the "talking brass" section because during live performances they constantly improvise new brass lines, sing the lines to each other and then play them.
The Port Royal sound a is large and encompassing sound, wrapping any audience in a warm audio blanket that comforts them as they sway with the groove and nod to the beat.


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